Survival Island Seed: -200561473726950495

Survival Island Seed: -200561473726950495

This is a great seed that starts you out on a medium sized island with two trees.  There is barely any land around you.  I found a cave quickly on my first day and a few exposed minerals in an underground ravine.

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O autorovi
  1. in minecraft to find a village turn on cheats and put the settings on all flat and fly around and when you find one youll be like FUCK YEA

  2. noob6789

  3. Eli

    Does some1 have a survival usland seed 4 the xbox

  4. Eli

    Never mind the seed is worstseedever

  5. I thotht it woluld give me survival island it gave me a snowie forest

  6. saburou cussed!

  7. my puppy is ripping my face off

  8. Jamez

    If u dig under coal in a water pool u can find a cave but ends but has iron ore there

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